Can’t find page templates after 5.8 WordPress update

How to, Snippets

Are the page templates missing from Page Attributes? There might be two reasons: They have moved to it’s own option “Template”…

Problem solved: check for has_block() inside reusable blocks

Development, Snippets

Do you check block type with has_block() to conditionally load scripts, styles, or any other custom logic for the block…

How to kill the website when theme is missing or broken

Security, Snippets

A short snippet that will detect if the active theme is the theme you expect. If not or it’s broken, the website will die and your data won’t leak.

Git: pre-push confirmation


Git pre-push hook that will prompt a confirmation y/n question before pushing to remote but origin.

WordCamp Prague 2020

Kybernaut, Wordpress

I picked up the gauntlet and became the main organizer of this year’s 7th Edition WordCamp Prague. I’ll see you there? Tickets are still available!

Add reCaptcha to Restaurant Reservations plugin

Pluginy, Security, Snippets

Snippet for adding reCaptcha to reservation form of Restaurant Reservations plugin.

Remarketing and Marketing plugin for WooCommerce

Kybernaut, Pluginy

The brand new & my WooCommerce plugin is here, after a year of development. The new WooCommerce plugin brings marketing automation a step closer to your everyday regular small business entrepreneur.

WooCommerce: Number of orders per page in My Account – Orders

Snippets, WooCommerce

A short code snippet for editing the number of orders per page in the Order section on My Account page.

ACF: Options page within any other menu


Do you need to add custom options page with ACF under another WP menu? Use this snippet.

WooCommerce: How to show in-stock quantity in the order detail

Snippets, WooCommerce

Would you like to check remaining in-stock quantity when working with orders? This snippet could help.