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How to Revert WooCommerce Block Checkout to the Old Checkout page

How to revert WooCommerce block checkout to classic old shortcode checkout.

Updating WooCommerce 8.3 or greater made Block checkout the default option, which might break some plugin compatibility. This guide will address how to revert the WooCommerce block checkout to classic checkout to restore functionality to such plugins.

How to revert to checkout shortcode

  1. Access Your WP Admin Page: Log in to your WordPress admin page.
  2. Navigate to Pages: In the left sidebar menu, locate and click “Pages.”
  3. Select the Checkout Page: Identify the checkout page automatically created upon WooCommerce installation and click on it.
  4. Delete the Checkout block. Select it by clicking on it and then delete it.
  5. Insert Shortcode block and type [woocommerce_checkout]
  6. Update the Page: Save the changes by clicking the “Update” button.
  7. Verification: To ensure successful conversion, place an order on your website and navigate to the checkout page. You should now see the shipping options and their estimated costs displayed correctly.
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