Repetitive online tasks? Connecting two services that don’t understand each other? Leave it to a trained robot.

Automation of manual processes

You know them: activities and tasks that you do manually over and over again. Downloading data, uploading it elsewhere, formatting, forwarding, saving. You’ve got it written down, and anyone who’s dedicated can do it.

Or you have two or more applications that you need to integrate, but they don’t get along. From creating new tasks in project management to automatically transferring contacts from the store to all CRM applications.

I can help you automate these processes into scenarios on the Make (formerly Integromat) platform. We let the robot do the work for you, and you check the results occasionally with a coffee.

Benefits of automation

  • The set scenario always runs the same way – thus limiting the possibility of error.
  • The robot is not sick, cannot be overloaded, and does not forget.
  • You get time to do what matters to you.
  • You’ll cut costs.

The Pomezí association hosts various events in addition to the theater. However, we have always spent a lot of time manually issuing and sending a large number of invoices, and as a result, we have often postponed them. Karolína prepared a scenario that does all the work for us in one click. We put the data into a Google Sheet, run the correct action in Make and the script will issue invoices for us and send them to the individual participants.

pomezi lukas brychta

Lukáš Brychta

director and chairman of the Pomezí association

How can I help you with that?

  1. I’ll walk you through the processes you need to automate.
  2. Suggest possible solutions (including the use of AI).
  3. I can prepare scenarios for you—not only for the Make platform but also to automate processes on your WordPress site or write a Python script.
  4. Or I can teach you how to work with Make so that you can write your scenarios.

Price: project-based

Further modifications are charged at the normal rate for programming (100 EUR/hour).

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