Web performance

Site speed and performance are essential. I’ll do an analysis, and we’ll look at the problem areas. I’ll start where it makes the most sense.

Web speed is the key to success. A slow site frustrates users, reduces conversions, and affects SEO. A faster website improves the user experience and increases the conversion rate.

I can manage not only basic edits, such as image compression, JS and CSS loading optimization, CDN setup, and caching plugin setup. I can optimize the code and design more complex changes as your marketeers want.

Even a tiny change can have a massive impact on Core Web Vitals or any other site speed and performance metric, so it needs to be tracked over time.

page speed insights - performance

We had requested an analysis and consultation of our website’s state from Mrs. Vyskočilová. She identified the shortcomings and provided recommendations that we still benefit from today. I appreciate the pleasant negotiations, meeting deadlines, and reliability, which are coupled with professionalism and expertise.

jakub chvosta

Jakub Chvosta

Mindflow, Founder & Visionary

Web audit

I will quickly assess the state of your site. I’ll review best practices, site speed, and, if you prefer, the plugins that you use.

You will receive a comprehensive document to speed up and secure your site, along with an evaluation of your site’s status and where to begin optimizing.

You are free to use the audit results as you see fit. It doesn’t matter whether you are happy to file the document away, pass it on to a junior programmer, leverage it as a basis for a web editing request, or make arrangements collaboratively.

Basic audit for 3 600 CZK excluding VAT.

The report takes 3 to 7 working days to prepare, depending on the depth of the audit. I don’t need site access for basic auditing, but I do for plugin auditing.

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