Kybernaut Mailstep

Connect the Mailstep logistics system and WooCommerce. It automatically sends orders for you, updates orders and stock statuses, and more.

Main features

  • Newly received orders are sent to Mailstep according to the automation criteria you specify and continue to be tracked in your administration interface.
  • If an order fails to send, it can be manually resent
  • Order tracking in WooCommerce: The plugin updates order statuses (the store manager has an overview, and you can connect to sending emails, etc.).
  • updating the warehouse from Mailstep to WooCommerce (manual and automatic)

In addition, of course, it offers regular updates and the addition of new features, extensive documentation and filters for developers. I work closely with Mailstep directly in its development.

For full plugin functionality and support, an active subscription (license) is required for each separate WordPress installation where the plugin is used. In case of subscription expiration, orders will not be sent to Mailstep and support will not be provided. Old orders will not be affected by the subscription expiration.


The plugin is compatible with the plugins and authors listed below in brackets:

  • Shipping: Packeta (Shipping), WooCommerce Shipping (Toret), WooShipping (Toret), WPiFy Woo: Zásilkovna (Wpify)
  • Payment: Woo Fio (Toret), Woo GoPay Inline (Toret), Toret Comgate (Toret)
  • Custom order numbers:Toret Order Numbers (Toret), WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers, Sequential Number Pro, Sequential Order Number for WooCommerce (WebToffee)
  • VAT numbers: Kybernaut IČO DIČ, WPiFy Woo: IČO and DIČ (Wpify)
  • multilingual plugins: WPML, Polylang

If you are using some other extension for which the plugin does not work (it will work with most of them), contact me, and we will find a suitable solution together.

Additional services

I offer additional services to customers, please contact me to purchase them:

  • installation and setup of the plugin (900 CZK without VAT)
  • one-time creation of stock cards in Mailstep from data in WooCommerce (1800 CZK without VAT)
  • one-time import of products from Mailstep to WooCommerce (1800 CZK without VAT)

Buying a plugin is easy, but it’s a big help to be able to contact the author about the settings.

Lukáš Fronk


Active installs: 39
Last version: 1.9.1
Last updated: 20. 6. 2024
Min. PHP version: 7.4

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