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Fluent Forms tip: link to page where the form was embeded

Learn how to create a clickable link to the page where your Fluent Forms are embedded. Enhance user experience and make it easier for visitors to navigate back to the original page more info than just a form.

Fluent Forms is a powerful form builder plugin that allows you to easily create and embed forms on your website. And I bet you know that when you read these lines.

If you’re using the same form for several posts/pages (for example as event registration form) and you want link the visitor back to that page, you might be thinking about using a link back to that page in the confirmation mail.

You probably found a {embed_post.permalink} shortcode that will print out the link, but did you know that you can use it as URL address? Yes, you totally can. The only hiccup is that the visual editor might sneak in an “http://” in front of the URL. That is not a big problem, you can remove it in the text view. Or better yet, drop this snazzy snippet right where you want the page title to transform into a clickable link to the page URL:

<a href="{embed_post.permalink}">{embed_post.post_title}</a>

Easy, right?