Karolína Vyskočilová

WordPress and WooCommerce
Consultant and Developer

Karolína Vyskočilová

How can I help you?

Custom website

I can turn your graphic design into a tailor-made WordPress template while keeping the website administration as simple as possible. Don’t have a graphic designer? It’s okay, I can refer you to mine.


I can connect your website to other web apps or develop plugins to add missing features. You can find my plugins in the WordPress repository – that’s how I get your service out to the users. Curious to see my latest creation? Check out ROI Hunter Easy.


Are you missing a product filter? Need to tweak the shopping cart, connect your e-store to Messenger delivery service, or send your warehouse data to Mailstep? As one of the most knowledgeable experts on WooCommerce implementation in the Czech Republic, I can help you with all those things.


Building a website is not a one-man show – you need a graphic designer, a marketeer, and other freelancers, and you need me to come over and present the website to the rest of the company. Don’t worry – I can take care of all those things.



Don’t waste your time on trial and error – let use my knowledge and experience to help you with your project instead. Together, we will find the best option or keep an eye on an agency, while you save valuable time and money.


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Notable clients

Have you ever ordered food through Foodora? The deliverymen who brought you your dinner probably got their job through an app I made.

Need to chart your dataflow? Try Manta – they are true experts, and their website was built by me.

The website of Zuckmantel, a post-production studio, is a result of our joint effort.

Have you ever bought something from a designer brand Whoop.de.doo? Then you have seen my work first-hand, as I am in charge of their e-store.

Can’t make it through the day without some coconut water? Stock up on Cyto’s e-store that I help to run.

Karolina has built and launched a rider acquisition platform for Delivery Hero (more than 25 brands in 40 countries). The delivered platform allows us to generate customised landing pages in each of our markets to support our continuous rider hiring efforts. Thanks to the advanced templating system, localisation, and re-usable deployment packaging, we saw an easy and rapid rollout across all the countries. Karolina has proved to be very effective both when working independently, helping us to guide our plans in the right direction, and also working more integrated with our engineering teams.

Vojtech Vondra

Senior Director, Delivery Hero SE

Karolína helped us build a new mortgage calculator. Working with her was easy – she delivered results that met our requirements, and she delivered them on time.

Tomáš Čáp

online sales manager, ChytryHonza.cz

I have been working with Karolína for five years now and I couldn’t be happier. With her on-point questions and her great attitude, she can steer the project in the right direction from the very beginning and make sure it always ends in success. You can see that she truly enjoys her work, so working with her is always a pleasant experience. I would recommend her to anyone!

Markéta Křepelová


Karolína truly stands out of the crowd – she is thorough, professional, and easy to communicate with. She helped our company – Manta – build a website that saw our year-on-year conversion rate increase by hundreds of percent and became a cornerstone of our international success.

Jan Andrs

director of marketing, MANTA (Manta Tools, s. r. o.)