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Add reCaptcha to Restaurant Reservations plugin

Pluginy, Security, Snippets

Snippet for adding reCaptcha to reservation form of Restaurant Reservations plugin.

WooCommerce: Number of orders per page in My Account – Orders

Snippets, WooCommerce

A short code snippet for editing the number of orders per page in the Order section on My Account page.

ACF: Options page within any other menu


Do you need to add custom options page with ACF under another WP menu? Use this snippet.

WooCommerce: How to show in-stock quantity in the order detail

Snippets, WooCommerce

Would you like to check remaining in-stock quantity when working with orders? This snippet could help.

WP Multisite – old installation and subdirectory install

How to, Snippets, WP Multisite

The Problem You need to transform your WP site into multisite, and you have already added define (‘WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE’, true); to…