About me

I’m Karolína Vyskočilová – developer specializing in WordPress and WooCommerce, I educate and consult.

karolina vysocilova omne

For more than ten years, I have been creating websites and plugins that are pleasing to the eye and, more importantly, work like clockwork.

I am intrigued by your business and particularly interested in the website’s objectives. I want to ensure that our collaborative efforts are meaningful and align with your workflow. Don’t pay for what you don’t need and save time and money.

I currently focus on corporate websites and developing various custom extensions. I don’t maintain websites that someone else built.

I will enhance website customization and optimize speed and performance, enabling easy website management. We’ll automate what we can. We’ll do video documentation where it’s not clear to you. The content is up to you.

With few exceptions, I don’t work weekends or evenings. Instead, I’m with family and friends. Over coffee, over a meal, with a book, in the woods or mountains, on a short walk or a long trek, often on a bike, and sometimes from the mud of an orienteering race.

I’ve been making websites for a long time, but I’m originally a linguist with a focus on Czech and computer language processing (NLP, before it was cool). I even have a PhD in it.

P.S. I lecture and train, I am an active member of the WP community and I am constantly learning.

I have been working with Karolína for five years now and I couldn’t be happier. With her on-point questions and great attitude, she can steer the project in the right direction from the very beginning and ensure its success always. You can see that she truly enjoys her work, so working with her is always a pleasant experience. I would recommend her to anyone!

Markéta Křepelová


I lecture and train

I understand WordPress, and I like to pass on my knowledge. Online, you can hear about the components in the Gutenberg editor (Front Conference 2021), learn how to edit templates properly (WordCamp Prague 2020), or examine the Timber plugin (WordCamp Bratislava 2019).

I can explain everything, even to beginners. You can listen to me at Czechitas training courses or events organized by Our WP.


I moderate Czech conferences dedicated to programming and websites—in recent years, you could see me at WebExpo or FrontCon.

I am an active member of the Czech WordPress community

wordpress.org contribution history

I participate in the organization of WordCamp Prague conferences, which are focused not only on WP but also on web-related areas (design, marketing, etc.). In 2020, I was even the main organizer. Wondering how to organize such an event? Listen to the interview.

In addition, I organize regular WP Beer in Prague and I am behind the Our WP association.

I translate plugins from other programmers into English and create my own —some of them are free to download from the WP repository. I am contributing to the WordPress and WooCommerce ecosystem.

Apart from WordPress-related events, you can regularly find me at Frontendist events, with whom I work closely and sometimes help at their events.

I go to conferences and try new things

Like everyone else, I go to workshops and conferences. We can meet regularly at WordCamp Prague, WordCamp Europe, Prague WebExpo and smaller meetups. And I also follow countless blogs, newsletters, twitter threads and debate with colleagues.

Of course, I also test everything on my projects – for example, my website is built using Full Site Editor and the basic Twenty Twenty-Four template.

Like everyone, I’ve been trying to incorporate generative AI into my workflow, and GitHub Copilot is, of course, right at home.

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