Take advantage of my knowledge and experience for your project. You will save time and money that would have been spent on trying non-functional alternatives.

Quick advice

Do you need quick advice, and is a short consultation all you need? Do you need to quickly dissect something, explain it, compare several possible solutions, or brainstorm? Schedule a short consultation with me online or over the phone, perhaps for the next business day.

  1. Choose the date in my calendar that suits you.
  2. Send me info so I can prepare in advance.
  3. I will confirm the appointment for you (or refuse if it is not within my remit).
  4. We will call you at the agreed time to discuss everything.
  5. I’ll send you a brief write-up – links and solutions you can refer back to.

The meeting includes a 20-minute online consultation (via Google Meet or over the phone) to which you can invite your colleagues. In case of interest we can extend the meeting.

The price for my preparation and the first 20 minutes of the consultation is 60 EUR excluding VAT, each additional 20 minutes for 30 EUR excluding VAT.

I contacted Karolina with a request to solve a specific business model for my client using WooCommerce. She was able to give me good advice and find the solution we needed. Velmi si vážím jejího milého, vstřícného a profesionálního přístupu.

Stefan Canov

UI/UX designer

Complex consultation

Do you need to use my knowledge and experience for your project but don’t need a developer?

You may find it helpful to take a fresh look at the issue you are addressing. Maybe you have a junior programmer who could use a mentor. You can program it yourself, but you don’t want to try non-functional alternatives and want to discuss it with someone.

Whatever the situation, I’ll be happy to work with you to find a solution. We’ll be sure to find a way to use my knowledge to save you time and money.

The price is 150 EUR without VAT/hour.

When you order a package of five or more hours of consultation I provide a 20% discount.

Need some quick advice? Schedule a short consultation.