Declaration on the use of cookies

This website uses only first-party technical cookies to ensure its functionality and data security.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files generated by a web server that are stored on your computer via your internet browser. When you return to the same website later, the browser returns the stored cookie to the server, retrieving any previously stored information. Most websites use cookies for their functionality.

Cookies can be divided into two types depending on who places them on the website: First-party cookies, limited to the domain of the site you visit, are considered more secure because they are not shared with other sites. On the other hand, third-party cookies are stored by scripts from another domain and allow users to be tracked across different sites, which is often used to analyze the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

What does this website use?

Unlike other websites, this one deliberately uses only first-party technical cookies to ensure the correct functioning of the website and the security of user data. It does not require visitor consent.

I measure website traffic using the Independent Analytics plugin, which doesn’t require a cookie bar and gives me enough information for such a small website without collecting sensitive data.

If a video is embedded on the page, you must agree to the loading of third-party cookies before you can play it. Cookies are required to play content from external sources.

List of cookies and description of their functionality

  • wpEmojiSettingsSupports – WordPress sets this cookie when users interact with emojis on a WordPress site. It helps determine if the user’s browser can display emojis properly. (session)
  • wp-wpml_current_language – Indicates a country code in the WPML plugin that is calculated based on the user’s IP address. It is used to specify the language for the visitor on the website. (cookie, 1 month)