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WordCamp Prague 2020

I picked up the gauntlet and became the main organizer of this year’s 7th Edition WordCamp Prague. I’ll see you there? Tickets are still available!

I picked up the gauntlet and became the main organizer of this year’s 7th Edition WordCamp Prague 2020. And you can be sure that I’m doing everything I can to make it work at least as well this year as we did last year. I’ll see you there? Tickets are still available!

If you’re interested in how such a conference is organized, listen to a short podcast from behind the scenes, which we have prepared for you with Adam Laita and Vláďa Smitka.

What is WordCamp?

WordCamp is a community conference for everyone interested in WordPress and related things – trends in web development, content creation, project management, and more. In addition to lectures and workshops, you can get advice from experts and also collect valuable contacts. Come, I’ll be glad to see you.

When, where and how do I buy a ticket?

WordCamp Praha 2020 will take place on 29th February 1, 2020, at the Cubex Centre in Prague. Tickets are still on sale – until Tuesday 4th February for 499 CZK excluding VAT, later at an increased price of 599 CZK without VAT. In addition to the conference itself, the price includes snacks including lunch, afterparty entry and a small addition to your wardrobe in the form of WordPress socks.


Together with a large team of organizers, we have prepared a rich program: three tracks, where the programmer and ordinary user will find their own. You can look forward to technical topics such as speed, security, AMP and Gutenberg, content, and marketing lectures, as well as tips for ordinary users who want to learn how to work better with WordPress or create pages in a new block editor or with the help of builders.

I consider it a success that we have managed to invite a number of foreign guests to lecture in English. Not only you will hear lectures that have not yet been heard from us, but you can also invite your foreign colleagues. 50 % of the program will be in English, so it does not happen that colleagues during the day bore themselves over coffee.

In addition, sponsor’s booths await you, as well as the Happiness bar, where they will be happy to advise you on web problems or answer curious questions. After the last year’s success, fitness coach Helena Bartošová will arrive again this year and will show you how to relax in a sedentary job.

After a busy day, we move just a few meters next door and enjoy the informal setting at the afterparty.

The next day we will look forward to Contributor Day at the PKC Centre, where you can participate in the events in the WordPress community. In addition to traditional translations, a foreign guest will be on the agenda of the day, presenting the Theme Review Team. We will discuss where we would like to go in the future as a Czech community.


So, are you coming? If you don’t already have tickets, don’t hesitate to get them on the conference website.