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Remarketing and Marketing plugin for WooCommerce

The brand new & my WooCommerce plugin is here, after a year of development. The new WooCommerce plugin brings marketing automation a step closer to your everyday regular small business entrepreneur.

The ROI Hunter Easy plugin for WooCommerce is currently no longer available in the official repository and its development has been discontinued. This blog post is just an illustration of what can be done with plugins.

You can check out my current plugins or send me a request if you are looking for someone to program a WordPress or WooCommerce plugin for you.

The brand new & my WooCommerce plugin is here, after a year of development. The new WooCommerce plugin brings marketing automation a step closer to your everyday regular small business entrepreneur.

No need to combine multiple plugins and external apps to get all the necessary technicalities for different product campaigns. ROI Hunter Easy packs the entire essential tech and coding required for creating powerful product ads on both Google and Facebook in an easy-to-use, quick and simple solution.

roi hunter easy 1

What is it actually good for?


Let’s take a look, step by step. As the plugin name suggests, its main function is remarketing (i.e. retargeting or dynamic product ads on Facebook) – the bread and butter of today’s online marketing efforts. Why, do you ask? The figures can give you a pretty clear answer:

  • 96% of people leave your store without making a purchase,
  • 70% of visitors abandon their shopping carts without making a purchase
  • and 49% of visitors usually visit the store on average 2–4 times before making a purchase.

What does that mean? It means that people generally like browsing through your store, but they’re hesitant about spending their hard-earned money. It means that you have to fight for your customers. You can’t just forget every visitor that leaves your site without a purchase. Leaving does not necessarily mean they are not interested in what you sell. They came to take a look in the first place. But the Internet is full of distractions and it is very easy to fall for any of them.

So, you need to help those people find their way back to the remarkable products you sell. How? By retargeting. With ROI Hunter Easy, you can create powerful retargeting ads that will show your visitors precisely the product they were looking at, and not just on one platform, but on both Google Ads and Facebook Ads. This way, your ads can appear on millions of the most visited sites and the largest social network with all its branches such as Instagram and Messenger. Retargeting ads will help you get another chance to sell.

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roi hunter easy 3

To help you stand out of the ad barrage the Internet users see every day, ROI Hunter Easy comes with a powerful overlay tool for Facebook Ads. You can choose from dozens of overlays created by professional graphic designers for any occasion. Do you want something to make your every day ads more eye-catching? To give your sale ads urgency? Or do you need something to provide them with a jollier vibe for Christmas? ROI Hunter Easy can help you out in those and many more occasions.

roi hunter easy 4

OK, that is remarketing, but what about the marketing in the title you ask? ROI Hunter Easy listens to its customers and develops new features to help you in your advertising efforts on both Google Ads and Facebook Ads. We know that it’s not just the conversion rate that is challenging for many e-commerce stores. Getting visitors to your store can sometimes be much more difficult than getting them to the purchase. That is why ROI Hunter Easy helps its customers create other types of campaigns; campaigns that can help them drive relevant traffic to their stores.

Do you want your ads to appear in the search results on Google? ROI Hunter Easy can create search ads that will get your products in front of the people who are actually looking for them. Do you want shopping ads that would show your product pictures on the Google search result page? ROI Hunter Easy can help you build your product feed catalog and create shopping ads with minimum effort. Would you like to show your products to the right people on Facebook? ROI Hunter Easy effectively utilizes Facebook audience segmentation to create powerful Facebook product ads for you.

How much it costs?

The basic subscription plan of the app is for free. That’s right: all the above-mentioned features are available to you in just a few clicks and for free. And all packed in an easy-to-use simple solution designed to get the best performance with minimum effort from you. Give it a try & let me know what do you think about it. Together with ROI Hunter Easy team, I’ve spent a year on the final product.