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What I did

I created a courier recruitment theme for Delivery Hero, which served more than 25 brands in 40 countries and 70 different languages (Foodora, formerly Dáme jídlo) belonging to the Delivery Hero family.

This theme included a custom multilingual solution; we did it without external plugins. The project included connecting to the CRM system, integrating Twilio to send SMS, and implementing a WhatsApp chatbot. The website was seamlessly connected to the mobile app.

Main objectives

The project involved creating a universal template that can be used globally and adapted to different languages, including those with non-latin alphabets and left-to-right typing.

In addition to the form for recruiting couriers, the website also included a connection to the internal CRM system, integration of Twilio for sending SMS, and implementation of a connection to a WhatsApp chatbot. The website was seamlessly connected to the mobile app.

The Delivery Hero team could manage the theme independently, while I created a “master” template that was the basis for all the branches. The custom update process ensured easy deployment of the theme across all branches and continuous addition of functionality or appearance modifications.

Challenges and solutions

One of the main challenges of the project was the need to adapt the theme to the large number of languages (from left to right, different alphabets) and the specific content of each brand. At the same time, it was necessary to maintain such support smoothly for individual updates, for which I programmed Cypress end-to-end tests.

Throughout the project, communication with the client’s headquarters in Berlin was via Slack and Jira, with regular meetups at agreed intervals.

Karolina has built and launched a rider acquisition platform for Delivery Hero (more than 25 brands in 40 countries). The delivered platform allows us to generate customised landing pages in each of our markets to support our continuous rider hiring efforts. Thanks to the advanced templating system, localisation, and re-usable deployment packaging, we saw an easy and rapid rollout across all the countries. Karolina has proved to be very effective both when working independently, helping us to guide our plans in the right direction, and also working more integrated with our engineering teams.

vojtech vondra

Vojtěch Vondra

Senior Director, Delivery Hero SE

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