WooCommerce Pay for Payment

An easy way to set a fee for COD payment or other payment methods according to your needs.

Add individual charges for each payment method as a flat rate and/or as a percentage of the cart total. The plugin first calculates the percentage rate and then adds the fixed rate on top.

Current version is not compatible with WooCommerce Block Checkou which is default since WC 8.3 please use shortcode for checkout instead. How to guide. I’m working on a new version compatible with block checkout and React settings.

You can use placeholders in the payment item title:

  • [FIXED_AMOUNT]: Will print money-formatted fixed amount you entered.
  • [PERCENT_AMOUNT]: will print out percental amount you entered
  • [CART_TOTAL]: will print out money-formatted cart totals.
  • [MINIMUM_AMOUNT]: will print out money-formatted minimum amount you entered when calculating percentage fee.
  • [MAXIMUM_AMOUNT]: will print out money-formatted maximum amount you entered when calculating percentage fee.
  • Example: Payment Fee ([FIXED_AMOUNT] + [PERCENT_AMOUNT]% of [CART_TOTAL])

Requires at least WooCommerce 2.6, compatible with WooCommerce 3.2+ (recommended). The support for WC 2.6 will be dropped soon.


  • Fixed charge and/or a percentage of cart total
  • Possibility to disable for free/zero shipping
  • Plugin API. See GitHub for details.


= Current version is not compatible with WooCommerce Block Checkout please use shortcode for checkout instead. How to guide
Currently not compatible with WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway since it’s React powered and I can’t hook in. Use Payment Plugins for Stripe WooCommerce instead for now, waiting for their team to resolve the problem.
WPML (see FAQ)
WooCommerce Price Based on Country for WooCommerce & PRO
Multi Currency for WooCommerce & PRO
WooCommerce Multi-Currency when the store currency is USD
YayCurrency PRO


  • It seems that Mercadopago gateway is not handling WC_Fee correctly. Get in touch with Mercadopago support (and I’m happy to help them fix the issue)
  • Better not use it with PayPal. (Legal issue, see FAQ as well.)
  • Doesn’t work on “Pay for order” pages (manually created orders or canceled payments), because of WC limitations

Special Credits

Do you need customisation?

Modifications that will enhance the plugin development and help other users I offer for “adoption”. You pay half the development cost and I’ll deliver the other half for free.

If the modifications are only of limited use, are only for your usage, or do not match my idea of the plugin’s direction, they are charged at full price.

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Active installs: 20 000 +
Rating: 4.71
Last version: 2.1.8
Last updated: 4. 7. 2024

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