Support: reproduce the bug on TasteWP

In order to debug as quickly and securely as possible is to reproduce the error with the minimum side effects possible: just the default theme and plugins directly related to the problem. Reproducing the error on a different platform than your site is give us both secure space – I don’t gain access to your site, you keep your trouble simple and isolated and we’re both set.

The easiest is to use the TasteWP service which allows you to create a disposable WordPress site within seconds, here’s how to:

  1. Register on TasteWP – it’s free of charge, your sites will be available for 7 days and you get a nice admin to manage them.
  2. Create a WP site with the same version of PHP as you use (you probably go for PHP 7.4 nowadays)
  3. Reproduce the issue:
    1. WordPress site – keep twenty twenty-one theme, install the plugin which causes trouble and reproduce the issue
    2. WooCommerce site – import Backup Migration archive I’ve prepared (with Storefront & WooCommerce installed + imported products), update everything and reproduce the issue
  4. Add me as a user with administrator rights – [email protected]
  5. Get back to me through the support platform you contacted me at.

I’ll try to help you as soon as I have time.