Price list


Programming 80 € / hour
Consultancy 100 € / hour

*For an hour, and for the years of experience, too.


LAST UPDATED ON January 3rd, 2022

For large projects, I am available from November 2021. Got an urgent project you think I will love? Shoot me a message now.

How long does it take and how much it’ll cost me?

Price and delivery time both depend on what it is that you need to me to develop, exactly. Since I haven’t been blessed with the gift of clairvoyance, please try to describe your commission in as much detail as you can – I will get back to you with a price estimate immediately, and if get along and our budgets align, we’ll set up a meeting to discuss the whys and the hows. Then, we will put the assignment details on paper, draft a contract with the final price, shake hands, I’ll ask you to make a deposit, and boom – we’re in it together.

Approximate prices